Trump Toohey: Commandeer This Cocktail: Irish Cream, Whiskey and Stout

Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 10/14/2020

October 14, 2020
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1.     Today is National Dessert Day.  All we need you to do is name any dessert. 







Lots of options
2.     Apple is showing off its lineup of four new 5G phones today.  They range in price from about 700 to 11-hundred dollars.  If you’re looking directly at the Apple logo, is the bite that’s taken out of the Apple, taken out of the right side of the apple, or left? 









3.     Shawn Mendes is releasing a documentary about his life on Netflix. "In Wonder" comes out on November 23rd.  Speaking of Netflix, Part 2 of Season 1 of this series drops on October 19th.  It was most famously hosted, and narrated, by the late Robert Stack from 1987-2002. 










Unsolved Mysteries 
4.     Cocktails to go will now be permanent law! So let’s play a round of Commandeer That Cocktail! This cocktail includes Irish cream, whiskey and stout and is usually served with two classes.










Irish Car Bomb
5.     New Justin Bieber coming this Friday! What’s the name of Justin Bieber’s Walmart exclusive nail polish that sold more than one million bottles in less than two months after its release? 










The One Less Lonely Girl Collection