Trump Toohey: The Office Takes Place In What City?

Today's Trump Toohey Question and Answers 6/19/19

June 19, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     Did ya see this?  Bay Village is a top ten beach town by a lake in the country?!  Fancy.  Bay Willage.  West side?  Or East Side suburb?  





West Side  

2.     Annual Passes to Disney World went up this year, some of the various types increased by a hundred dollars. How much would it cost you to get a season pass for Cedar Point? $147, $155 or $172 dollars?






$147 dollars

3.     The Office! A Musical Parody is coming to town.  Hanna Theatre.  Friday, Jan. 23 - Jan. 25 of 2020.  The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company located in this Pennsylvania city.  







4.     Toy Story 4 is looking at a global blast off of $260 million dollars at the global box office this weekend. Which of these is NOT a toy in Toy Story? Bricky, Jessie, Wheezy 






Bricky (not a toy)

5.     “Bachelor In Paradise” returns for its sixth season on August 5th, and now ABC has revealed the cast!  Where is “Paradise” this season?  Actually this country has been paradise in each of the 6 seasons.