Trump Toohey: The First Starbucks Opened in Seattle in Which Year?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 2/8/2019

February 8, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.      Dwayne Johnson told fans on twitter that he was the original choice for the Oscars Host but couldn’t make it work due to his schedule.  What is Dwayne Johnson’s nickname?  The Rock?  The Pebble?  Or Stan?  




The Rock

2.      The 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards are set for this weekend.  All of the details online on the Jen and Tim show on  Are the Grammy Award tomorrow night?  Or Sunday night?  






3.       Hallmark has made a huge announcement - according to their FB page, they’ll air holiday movies every Friday all year long as part of their 10th anniversary of Countdown to Christmas.  What is the highest grossing Christmas movie at the box office of all time?  And yes, these are all considered to be “Christmas movies”:  Home Alone?  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)?  Elf?  





Home Alone - $285 million
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - $260 million (3)
Elf - $174 million (5)

4.      Gordon Ramsey plans on open an ‘authentic Asian restaurant’ called Lucky Cat in London this summer. On thisshow, Gordon Ramsey acts as a judge to ‘amateur and home chefs’.  And no it’s not Hell’s Kitchen…






5.      Starbucks is opening its first location in Lakewood this summer.  The first Starbucks opened in Seattle in which year?  1971?  1981?  1991?