Trump Toohey: Eva Longoria Starred In What Popular Show?

Today's Trump Toohey Question and Answers 6/21/18

June 21, 2018
Trump Toohey

Cookie Monster is in Australia searching for the perfect Australian cookie! Let’s hope he doesn’t find any cookies in the garbage, a setting in which THIS popular Sesame Street character lives



(Oscar the Grouch / Oscar)

Paul McCartney is dropping a new album, Egypt Station, slated for September. It’s his first solo album in five years. We all know Paul McCarntey was a member of the Beatles…but after the Beatles broke up, Paul McCarntey formed THIS band with his wife Linda from 1971-1981 with hits like “Silly Love Songs” and a live version of “Maybe I’m Amazed”



(Wings / Paul McCartney and Wings)

Eva Longoria gave birth to a baby boy, Santiago. It’s Eva’s first child. Now Eva is known for playing the roll of Gabrielle in THIS show which follows the lives of women who lived on Wisteria Lane. This show ran from 2004-2012.



(Desperate Housewives)

The new season of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix, and they’re plenty of tears, jokes and transformation. Yesterday, Antoni, the new food guru, announced he’s planning on opening a restaurant in New York. Now in the original Queer Eye, the food and wine connoisseur was THIS popular Food Network Host of Chopped



(Ted Allen)

Debi Mazar and Madonna are NOT happy with 13 Reasons Why! Debi says the show romanticizes suicide and her twelve year old managed to sneak the show behind her back. Among Debi Mazar's credits is a role in Entourage, which was produced by which actor who has a famous burger restaurant chain in Cleveland?



(Mark Wahlberg)