Trump Toohey: Can you name one of the 3 American Idol Finalists???

Todays Trump Toohey Questions and Answers 5-13-19

May 13, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.    Detective Pikachu' came close, but couldn’t take the #1 spot from Avengers Endgame.  Detective Pikachu probably did so well, in part that it starred this sexy actor, who is married to Blake Lively. 





Ryan Reyonlds

2.    There’s some chatter about what’s happening to the old Geauga Lake and SeaWorld properties – A possibility of 321 new homes.  Let’s play a round of Name that Ride.  This wooden coaster at Geauga Lake was in operation from 1925 till the park’s closing in 2007.  Can you name that ride?! 






Big Dipper

3.    ABC renewed How To Get Away With Murder for season 6 to premier this fall. Viola Davis has been nominated for a Lead Actress Emmy three times…how many Emmys did she ‘get away with’ aka win.






One (won in 2015, nominated in 16 and 17) 

4.    Rumors leaked on Friday that a new Matrix movie might be in the cards… WHAT YEAR did the Matrix land in the theaters?  It was either 1997, 1999 or 2001.







5.    Oh baby its exciting news as were now down to the final 3 on American Idol.  Can you name any of them? 






Laine Hardy, Madison VanDenburg and Alejandro Aranda