Trump Toohey: The Bachelor Presents ____ To Women Who Are Safe On The Show?

Today's Trump Toohey Question and Answers 6/24/2019

June 24, 2019
Trump Toohey

An Adult Ball Pit is coming to Cleveland in October. Details at  Traditional ball pit balls are made with hollow _____. Hollow metal? Hollow plastic? Hollow wood?





Hollow plastic


The Bachelor is coming to Cleveland on July 27th and they’re looking for steamy contestants! The Bachelor presents a ______ to the women who are safe on the show.








Jeopardy sensation James Holzhauer is making his debut at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Today. Which one of these poker hands is the BEST? Three of a Kind, Straight or a Flush?







Toy Story 4 was #1 at the weekend box office with $118 million! Time to play a round of Tell Me That Toy! This geometric drawing toy by Hasbro creates fun spiral drawings. Can you Tell Me That Toy?







5) Madonna’s new album ‘Madame X’ went #1 on the Billboard 200, while Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Western Stars’ went #2. In early 1985, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen ruled the top two spots on the Billboard 200 for four weeks with WHAT two albums? 






Like A Virgin, Born in the USA