Trump Timmay: Which Celebrity Criminal Case Was Covered In Season 1 of American Crime Story?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 8/8/2019

August 8, 2019

1) Today is the first Preseason Game for the Cleveland Browns! Did the Cleveland Browns win a single regular game last year?





YES! (7-8-1)

2) Later this year, Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu will be bundled for 12.99 a month! What’s going to be the name of Apple’s upcoming video on demand web television series? Apple TV, Apple TV+ or Apple Stream?







Apple TV+ 

3)  The Emmys announced that they will NOT have a host this year!  This year will be the _____ Primetime Emmy Awards. 71st or 72nd. 






4) The movie Home Alone is getting a remake! WHAT YEAR did Home Alone hit theaters? 1988? 1990? 1992?







5) American Crime Story will be covering the Bill Clinton impeachment. What celebrity’s criminal case did American Crime Story cover in their award-winning first season back in 2016?






O.J. Simpson