Trump Timmay: What's The Name of Dora's Cousin?

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 8/9/2019

August 9, 2019

1) MLB has announced that the Yankees and White Sox will play at a ‘Field of Dreams’ farm in 2020. Name a player position in baseball.




First Base, Pitcher, Right Field, etc.

2) New to Netflix is the the third season of GLOW and original movie “The Family” with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Pfeiffer: Academy Award or no Academy Award?






No Academy Award (nominated 3 times)

3) Central Perk from Friends is being turned into a Lego set! Which character works at Central Perk as a waitress? Rachel, Monica or Phoebe?






4) New Katy Perry song out today, “Small Talk”. Complete this lyric in  Katy’s song “Firework”: After a hurricane comes a ______.






5) New movies this weekend include Dora and the Lost City of Gold. In Dora the Explorer, what’s the name of Dora’s 8 year old cousin who loves rescuing animals and protecting the environment?