Trump Timmay: What's The Unofficial Nickname of the Metroparks?

Trump Timmay Questions and Answers 3/19/20

March 19, 2020
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1) While in isolation, Tom Hanks said he’s learned not to spread Vegemite thickly.  You would spread Vegemite on what food item? Cement, A Trash Can, or Toast?











2) Kevin Love took to social media to ask fellow NBA athletes to donate money to arena workers during this time. True or false, Kevin Love’s father was a professional basketball player?












3) The filming of the Friends Reunion Special is delayed due to Coronavirus. Throughout it’s run, what day of the week did Friends air? Wednesday, Thursdays or Tuesdays?












4) The Hallmark Channel will be airing Christmas movies this weekend to spread some cheer. The first new Hallmark Christmas Movie of 2019 came out on WHAT DAY? September 25th, October 5th or October 25th?








October 25th


5) The Cleveland Metroparks and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo are offering ‘classes’ on their Facebook Lives. What’s the unofficial nickname for the Cleveland Metroparks which shares it’s name with an accessory piece?










Emerald Necklace