Trump Timmay: Ina Garten - Over or Under 60?

Trump Timmay Questions and Answers 11/20/2020

November 20, 2020
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1. The Walking Dead’s extended and final season will start on February 28th. The Walking Dead is about what? Zombies, Tea Parties or Outlet Shopping? 














2. Ina Garten dropped some “Micro Thanksgiving” Recipes. Ina Garten, over or under 60?












Over - 72 


3. The most common password of 2020 is 123456. Which one of these is NOT a spin off of the game show Password? Super Password, Mega Password, Million Dollar Password 













Mega Password 

4. Sia will be dropping her new movie and album in February. Sia topped the Billboard Hot 100 with WHAT song that is described as a “bouncy electropop track” 















Cheap Thrills (tip) 


5. Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga have signed on to star in an upcoming action film called “Bullet Train.” The last movie Brad Pitt starred in was what space flick? Ad Astra, First Man, Sputnik














Ad Astra