Trump Timmay: Can You Name The Signature Song From Top Gun?

Tim got 1, can you get more then 1?

June 1, 2018
Trump Toohey

1.The Cleveland Cavaliers played Golden State last night in Game 1 of the NBA finals - and WON/LOST. Can you name one of the teams that played in the NBA Finals last year? 



2. The question to go with it: TODAY is World Milk Day! A day to encourage milk and dairy consumption as part of a daily diet. That is, unless you practice this type of diet, which means you’re a person who does not eat or use animal products. What is the name of this diet? 




3. Angelina Jolie made her Instagram debut but it was on Elle Fanning’s account! They’re working on the movie Maleficent 2. Elle Fanning has a famous sister - what is her name? 




4. Tom Cruise has hinted that Top Gun 2 is under production. Top Gun was an original smash when it was released in 1986. It actually won an Academy Award for Best Original Song! What was that song?




5. Julia Roberts will present George Clooney with the American Film Institute Life Achievement award coming up on June 21st at 10pm on TNT. The two of them have acted alongside each other in FOUR movies together…can you name two of them?



(Money Monster [2016], Oceans 11 [2001], Oceans 12 [2004], Confessions of a Dangerous Mind [2002]) Note: August: Osage County doesn’t count as Clooney produced and did not act