Trump Toohey: Name A Concert That's Been In Cleveland In The Last Month

Today's Trump Toohey Questions and Answers! 11/7/2019

November 7, 2019
Trump Toohey
  1. A movie about the Vietnam War will use CGI to have James Dean in their film. James Dean’s films come from what decade? The 30s, The 50s or The 70s?






The 50s


  1. Starbucks is dropping their new holiday cups and flavors today. Which one of these is NOT a winter Starbucks flavor? Caramel Brûlée, Toasted White Chocolate or Dark Orange Chocolate? 







Dark Orange Chocolate


  1. We are going to announce a concert later on in the show at 9am. Can you name a concert that’s been in Cleveland in the last month?   







Tool, Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, etc.



  1. New movies this weekend include Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. In The Shining, what hotel room is Danny told to stay away from? Room 201, Room 237 or Room 266










  1. New to Netflix tomorrow is the TV series of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. In the book, WHO keeps encouraging the main character to eat the green eggs and ham?