Stranger Things Ice Cream!

A Chilling Treat

June 3, 2019

Robin Marchant / Stringer


Are you a fan of Netflix's series Stranger Things? How about Ice Cream? Well you are in luck! Baskin-Robbins is debuting Stranger Things ice cream this June ahead of the series' season 3 release in July. Fans will be able to endulge in two new flavors. The first is called "Eleven's Heaven" in tribute to Millie Bobby Brown's telekinetic character, Eleven. "Eleven's Heaven" will be a be a waffle cone flavored ice cream, and will feature chocolate-coated sugar cone pieces and a chocolate icing. Yummmmm.  The second flavor this month is titled "Upside Down Pralines" which will be a chocolate-caramel flavored ribbon in chocolate ice cream with praline pecans. Sweet tooths everywhere will be satisfied! And there will be much more to come after this month as these are just the first two of the Stranger Things menu.