Pepsi To Produce 1,100 Bottles of Orange-Colored "Believeland" Pop

The hype is real!

September 18, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images


Pepsi is turning orange to celebrate the return of Sunday Night Football to Cleveland after 11 years.

This Sunday night, the Browns will take on the Rams and so Pepsi is going to celebrate by producing 1,100 bottles of "Believeland," an orange-colored cola. There's going to be a free tailgate for fans on Steptember 22nd. 

“There has been so much hype and energy building among fans across the country this year, and it’s amazing that Pepsi is doing something extra special with the launch of “Believeland” Pepsi and party on Sunday,” says legend Myles Garrett.

Pepsi will have their tailgate party at Lindey's Lake House in the Flats this Sunday at 2pm. It's free to come inside, and there will be trivia with prizes and a performance by lovelytheband. 

Of those 1,1000 Believeland Pepsi bottles, five will have special golden labels that come with a special prize!