Ohio Places In The Top 10 For "Most Lenient" On Speeding and Reckless Driving

We all know a few Ohio Drivers who can't drive

July 6, 2018



Any Ohioan can tell you about how fellow Ohioans can’t drive. Well, apparently the state of Ohio ranks very high when it comes to the lack of penalities for violations.

WalletHub grabbed the data, and we ranked last when it comes to lowest fine  (100) for a first conviction of reckless driving. You most likely will pay more, our maximum is $845 compared to the highest nationally which is $6,250 in Oregon!

We place 45th on the “Reckless Penalties Rank” due to the lack of penalties, and 23rd on the Speed Enforcement Rank. Together, that places us in a four way tie for 43rd place alongside Kentucky, Montana and South Carolina.

Who trails last? Texas! With 45th on Reckless Penalities Rank and 51 on Seed Enforcement, they’re bound to come in dead last! The Top 5 are Delaware, Colorado, Arizona/New Mexico (tied for third) and California.

Check out the data here on Wallethub's website!