Nora did NOT Trump Toohey today. Would you have?

They both got #4 wrong!

November 8, 2018
Trump Toohey

Below are the questions from today's Trump Toohey.

1) Oprah Winfrey has released her list of her favorite things.  Included on the list are slippers, bracelets, and a foot massager.  Look for more items to be revealed in the coming weeks.  Which one of these daytime talk show hosts rose to fame through “The Oprah Winfrey Show”?  Dr Phil?  Dr Oz? or both? 


2) A 2-hour movie based off of Breaking Bad is in the works.  What year did the show last air?  2011?  2012?  Or 2013? 


3) Free Ice Skating is coming back to Public Square - the Winterfest celebration returns for it’s 3rd year - they’ll have their annual Tree Lighting and festival on November 24th.  Facing public square is the Jack Casino, which used to be this former department store made famous in the 1983 film “A Christmas Story” 


4) Scott Hamilton’s annual ice skating show is not coming back this year - for the first time since 1999.  What was his signature move, that was against U.S. Figure Skating and Olympic competition rules, that he would include in his exhibition routines. 

A backflip

5) Michael Jackson tops this year's Forbes' Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities list.  Let’s rewind to 1982 and the release of the album “Thriller”.  7 singles were released from that album.  Which song was the final song to be released on January 23rd, 1984?  Thriller?  Beat It?  P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)? 


 Would you have Trumped Toohey today? Try your luck tomorrow at 7:30!