Midges: What's Up With That?

We Gathered The Intel For This Expose!

June 5, 2018

It's that time of year guys...the Midges are back and they seem to be rather relentless. But we hear a lot about these midges and don't really know the actual truth. We gathered some of the best facts in the buisness for one juicy expose.

So Midges will be gathering close to the lake, as you can tell by this meterologist's post of where to find Midges.

The biggest misconception? People think midges are similar to mosquitos but they aren't here to suck human blood! They just want to be your friend, aka they'll get stuck to you. That's all! They can't bite or sting or otherwise do any sort of damage.

More good news: midges only live for 10 days! Talk about a rollercoaster of a life, you got 10 days to get the job done. So you might think this is going to last forever, but they'll be gone soon enough. We will see them later this fall for one more stint until they're gone till 2019.

You might wonder what Midges even do? There's a myth that the more Midges means the more healthy Lake Erie is! But Midges can handle pollution which means they aren't a perfect indictor for how healthy Lake Erie is. Mayflies are a better indicator. 

Midges come from eggs and are hatched from the lake when the water becomes warm. Midges are tasty delights for fish and other lake life. 

Midges will live by the lake but may accidentally be blown off course. Apparently sunset is a great time to view them, although I think we'd rather be hiding from them.