*LIST* Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Is The Top Food News Story Of 2019

Not surprised, that chicken was everywhere!

December 13, 2019


HUNTER's Annual Food News Study shows that Popeyes' chicken sandwich was the top food stoy of the year! No surprise, everyone seemed to be talking about it! 

Top Ten Food News Stories Of 2019

  1. Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Throwdown on Twitter
  2. Video of Woman Licking Blue Bell Ice Cream Goes Viral
  3. The Keto Diet Gains in Popularity
  4. Thousands of Pounds of Chicken Recalled
  5. The Downside of Ditching Plastic Straws
  6. The Impact of Tariffs on Food Items
  7. Farmers Face Big Losses and Poor Crops After Devastating Flooding
  8. Ban to End Sales of Plastic Water Bottles Gains Momentum
  9. Styrofoam Food Container Ban
  10. The Rise of Hard Seltzer