LIST: 'To-Dos' and Tips For Dealing With Extreme Cold Weather

Just your friendly reminder!

January 29, 2019

Some ideas on how to stay warm and tips around your household as well as some 'to-do's:

  • Check On Your Neighbors
  • Stay Hydrated With Water
  • Make sure the pipes don’t freeze
  • Be careful with your pets, keep them inside as much as possible
  • Stay dry (sweat/being wet causes the body to loose warmth, so don’t get wet and go outside!)
  • Watch alcohol consumption as alcohol decreases your body’s ability to create heat
  • Wear a Hat!!
  • Turn on the Ceiling Fan! (Warm air rises, so on low speed, the fan will push the heat downwards)
  • Block drafts with a pool noodle!
  • Trick locked thermostats by placing ice near the it
  • Replace thin curtains with thicker curtains or even wool or fleece drapes!
  • Bake all day! That’ll fill the house with heat and you’ll have cookies and goodies
  • Layer your covers and blankets with thin dense layers before adding thicker layers
  • Car Tips from the AAA:
  • When you start your car, if the engine is slow to turn over, or if the dashboard lights and/or headlights seem dimmer than usual, then have your battery checked.
  • Make sure that all accessories – fan, lights, interior lights, radio, etc. – are turned off before starting the car.
  • If you have the option, keep your car in the garage, where it’s significantly warmer than outside on these particularly cold mornings.  
  • Keep your car at least half filled with gas – this prevents fuel line freeze-up due to condensation that forms on the inside of the gas tank.
  • If planning on starting your car and then going inside to let it warm up (a big waste of fuel, by the way), make sure you have a spare set of keys handy in case you get locked out.