Jen's Ten: Father's Day Gifts

Jen Gathered The Top Ten of Father's Day Gifts

June 14, 2018

Jen did the research, and here's 10 very popular gifts for Dads on this Father's Day!

1. Ancestry DNA Kit: This could be a very unique gift, especially if you have a father who 'doesn't want anything'. Here dad, take some time to discover yourself!

2. A Personalized Toiletry Bag Think about what dads do. They travel, they camp out place, they're forgetful and messy. So this is perfect! Hold your supplies in a little to go bag for a multitude of purposes.

3. A Regular Bag: See above, but with different words! 

4. A Leatherman Multi-Tool: Talk about an upgraded one-stop shop for all the little tools you may need if you're a builder on the go. Just don't bring this leather sheathed beauty to the airport.

5. Mophie Power Pack Dads on the go, working dad and technology dads will love this power pack. No longer will your dad's phone die (and no longer will you have to hear about it).

6. Mahbis: Mahabis are indoor/outdoor slippers with changeable soles. When I think of slippers, I think of fathers and grandfathers. This is a classic gift with a contemporary spin!

7. A Cleveland sports fan bottle opener: Cleveland sports and a tool to open beers and brews? I can't think of a better synoynm for 'Cleveland dad' then this one! 

8. Cleveland in a Box:  If your dad would rather get goodies and treats for a gift then an object, look no further. These guys make 'Cleveland in a Box', a perfect way to take amazing Cleveland items for a treat.

9. GIFT CARDS! What dad doesn’t want to pick his own item(s) with a fancy card to Home Depot, Lowes, or anywhere his fatherly heart desires.

10. Personalized Yeti Mug: Yeti is the perfect cooler/warmer/heater/freezer...yes, it's practically invincible! If your dad loves coffee, smoothies, extremely cold water, tea and more...well, this might be perfect for all your dad's needs.