James Holzhauer Missed These 10 Jeopardy Questions. Can You Get Them Right?

These are hard!

June 4, 2019

Scott Wintrow / Stringer / Getty Images

1. A 2016 interview with this Batman actor found him looking sad; the internet then made him the meme we deserve.

Category: DON'T TREAD ON MEME for $400 (April 4)



Holzhauer's answer: Who is Christian Bale?

Correct answer: Who is Ben Affleck?


2. A common sight was walking around Monet who worked outdoors, as in a cliff walk in this Channel-side French region.

Category:  MONET-PUNNY for $600 (April 5)




Holzhauer's answer: What is Brittany?

Correct answer: What is Normandy? 


3. Modern auto safety took a big step in '66 as LBJ signed bills mandating seat belts & rupture-resistant these.

Category: ROOT '66 for $600 (April 8)




Holzhauer's answer: What are air bags?

Correct answer: What are fuel tanks? 


4. At the Montreux Jazz Festival, you might see smoke on the water of this Swiss lake's shoreline.

Category: MUSIC FESTIVALS for $1200 (April 9)




Holzhauer's answer: What is Lucerne?

Correct answer: What is Lake Geneva?


5. Constitution Day is September 17; this related set is celebrated every December 15.

Category: HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES for $3,000 (Daily Double, April 10)




Holzhauer's answer: What are the Articles of Confederation? 

Correct answer: What is the Bill of Rights? 


6. On July 21, 1861 the Union attacked the Confederates near a stone bridge crossing this creek in the first battle of it.

Category: THE CIVIL WAR for $400 (April 10)





Holzhauer's answer: What is Manassas? 

Correct answer: What is the First Battle of Bull Run? 


7. The portal vein brings venous blood to the liver, while this artery brings oxygenated arterial blood.

Category: BREAKS & LIVERS for $1,000 (Daily Double, April 29)




Holzhauer's answer: What is the pulmonary?

Correct answer: What is the hepatic? 


8. Stove placement of lower priority items.

Category: HEY, "B.B." for $200 (May 2)




Holzhauer's answer: What is the bottom burner?

Correct answer: What is the back burner? 


9. In 1965 John Irving entered this Midwest school's prestigious writers workshop & worked with Kurt Vonnegut.

Category: STATE SCHOOL, THAT GREAT SCHOOL for $1,000 (May 2)




Holzhauer's answer: What is Indiana?

Correct answer: What is Iowa? 


10. This train sung of by blues artists got its name from its 12:05 A.M. departure en route to Parchman Penitentiary.

Category: PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES & A BOAT for $1,200 (May 24)




Holzhauer's answer: What is "Midnight Train to Georgia?" 

Correct answer: What is the "Midnight Special"?