How Well Do You Know The Jen and Tim Show?

15 questions...good luck!

February 14, 2020
know the show


1. Tim says Mentor is how many minutes away from everywhere? 10, 20 or 30?









2. Who would go see Celine Dion live? Jen or Tim?










3. What movie does Tim refuse to watch even though almost everyone else in the world has seen? Forrest Gump, The Titanic or Marley and Me?













4. Which one of these foods is a Jen and Tim Show favorite? Beef, Turkey or CHYCKEN?












5. What member of the show enjoys the comedy gold of “Golden Girls” and “Grace and Frankie”? Jen, Tim or Producer Matt











Producer Matt 



1. Which pasta would Tim say is ‘the fanciest pasta’? Is it macaroni, penne or linguine?












2. Jen is known for being: Artsy, Sporty or Nerdy?











3.  Who would Tim rather have lunch with — beloved TV actress Tori Spelling or with movie star Sandra Bullock?










Tori Spelling

4. What vegetable was inadvertently planted in Jen’s garden last year? Eggplant, Pumpkin or Squash?










5. What member of the show would be caught listening to singer-songrwriter Dido? Jen, Tim or Producer Matt 









Producer Matt




1. What kind of Trump Toohey does Jen hate the most? A multiple choice question, a fill in the blank question, or a ‘what year’ question?








What Year question 


2. What the names of Jen’s two kids? Max and Erma, Max and Noah, Mark and Noah?








Max and Noah


3. What recent celebrity scandal is Tim most enthralled with? Lori Laughlin’s court case, Prince Harry and Megan Markle or Jussie Smollet?








Lori Laughlin

4. Which one of these stores would one find Jen Toohey in? Home Goods, Home Depot or Justice? 









Home Goods


5. Which day of the week does Producer Matt notoriously use his vacation time for?