Here's A Sneak Peak At The New Pinecrest Shopping Center

We Did The Best Expose Ever!

June 8, 2018

We got to take a trip to Pinecrest and lemme tell's AMAZING! 

First off, the FIRST Shake Shack in OHIO opened and the line was out the door and wrapped around the corner. We interviewed and tasted some Shake Shack earlier this week! 

It's so clean and well constructed! 

You can also see the new Big Fun store with b.a. Sweetie, another interview we did on The Jen and Tim Show

Look at that view! You can practically see the whole strip! 

We got to get into Grater's and the line was worth it! The ice cream shoppe was filled with delicious goodies and the armoa wafted over the crowd.

The Blackberry Chocolate Chip was a perfect summer ice cream treat, delicious!

We got a sneak peak inside Sliverspot Cinema, it's the FIFTH Sliverspot in the COUNTRY! There's a bar and restauraunt which serves you both in the gorgeous lobby and in the theaters themselves! There are larger theaters and even smaller theaters which people and organizations can rent out. 

Tickets can be bought online or on the app which makes it very convienent for movie goers!

And look at these plush chairs! Plenty of room to stretch out and watch a movie, and they recline to the point where you're laying down! Tickets are expected to be about $14 dollars for a movie.

Pinecrest will be the place to be for those far-east siders! For more details on what's coming to Pinecrest this summer and fall, check out there official website: