Ghost Hunting 101 Classes Offered At The Ohio State Reformatory

Learn how to get evidence, hunt and communicate with ghosts

April 18, 2018

Did you ever feel like you had some connection with ghosts or the afterlife in general? Are you hoping to become a psychic of some sort? Or maybe you really just want to hunt down some ghosts!

Thankfully, the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield is here to help with Ghost Hunting 101! It’s a class which will be taught by paranormal investigator Sherri Brake. The classes will take place on May 19th and September 1st.

Among the skills one shall learn, you’ll be able to receive professional techniques, learn the right way to entrap ghosts, become skilled in the equipment, use logic and evidence, learn the history and trade and most importantly: communicate with the ghosts you hunt down.

You have to be 13 years old to sign up, and they promise you’ll get to meet some ghosts.

The Ohio State Reformatory closed in 1990 and remains one of the most haunted places in the country. A minimum of 200 people died within the venue and has been featured on plenty of television shows. It’s perhaps best known for being the set location used in The Shawshank Redemption, which came out in 1994.

For more information on “Ghost Hunting 101”, you can check out the official website for the Ohio State Reformatory.