Exclusive Inside Scoop! What To Expect At The Royal Wedding

May 18, 2018

(Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)


It’s been a long time coming, but the big day is finally here. Tomorrow we get to see Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. Everything the couple has planned for the last six month will be on display for the world to see. From the flowers, to the cake, to what the royals will be wearing, here’s everything you can expect to see tomorrow.

  • Everyone’s going to be talking about Meghan’s dress, but what about what Harry’s wearing? Word on the street is Harry will opt for a “low-key” morning suit, instead of the traditional military uniform.
  • The tots of the royal family will be making a special appearance at the wedding as Meghan and Harry’s bridesmaids and page boys. Prince William and Kate’slittle ones-Prince George and Princess Charlotte- will attend to the bride and groom along with Harry and Meghan’s godchildren.
  • Speaking of bridesmaids, we’re used to seeing them enter first through the chapel. However tomorrow we’ll see the main attraction, Meghan, go down the aisle first with the bridesmaids and page boys trailing behind.
  • In case you were wondering what the guests will be wearing, you can expect a lot of big hats from the ladies. They’ll be sporting their finest headwear with feathers and butterflies and large bows.
  • Ever since the Queen Victoria days, the bride has always carried a bouquet with a sprig of myrtle. So you bet Meghan will be too, but don’t expect a bouquet toss. Tradition goes that the bride must throw her bouquet on the grave of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.
  • The soundtrack to the wedding will be provided by none other than the St. George’s Chapel choir.
  • The couple will look like a fairytale when they take a traditional horse drawn carriage ride through Windsor following the ceremony.
  • As far as food goes, don’t expect any shellfish or raw meat. The royals avoid it to prevent getting food poisoning on their wedding day. Better safe than sorry.
  • The couple is finally axing the traditional fruit cake for their wedding cake and opting for a lemon elderflower flavor instead.
  • Since day one, Meghan has been breaking tradition- in a good way- and she will do so once more when she gives a speech at her wedding. Unfortunately it won’t be televised.