Thanksgiving Travel Will Be the Terrible This Year: Here's How To Avoid Problems!

What's the best way to travel?

November 19, 2018

The AAA finds that this Thanksgiving will have the most traffic since 2005 — 54 million Americans will be traveling more than fifty miles.

Cars are the most popular transport: 48.5 million people will drive, 4.27 million will use planes while 1.48 million will use trains, buses and cruise ships. 

The busiest day to fly will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) while both Wednesday (Nov. 21st) and Friday (Nov. 16th) will be crazy as well.

AAA created a list of the worst days and times to leave 10 metropolitan areas. 

The best reccomendation is traveling Thanksgiving day: only 1.73 million passengers will fly (the lowest of the week).