Cleveland Ranks High In 2018’s Worst Cities To Drive In

So not only are we depressed but apparently bad at driving?

July 19, 2018

YIKES: Cleveland as ranked as the 16th worst city to drive in across America, coming in at #1 in Ohio. 

Do you think it as to do with traffic and infrastrucutre? Well, partially, we were the 82nd best aka the 18th worst in traffic and infrastrucutre. But the WalletHub survey takes many things into account like safety (we were the 3rd most unsafe), vehicles and maintenance (58th place), and ownership costs (18th cheapest in the country, not bad!) 

We also have the HIGHEST CAR THEFT RATE in the nation, although the data for that is speculative.

The worst city to drive? Detroit! Raleigh was rated the best, while our Ohioan peers were rated in the middle: Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus came 48th, 42nd and 50th respectively.

Check out the whole survey here!