Cleveland Is Ohio's Most Densely Populated City

Take that Columbus!

May 30, 2018

New York City definitely is the winner when it comes to the most densely populated cities in the country. With over 8.6 million residents cramed within a space of three hundred and three square miles, nobody else in the country can compare! (28,492 live per square mile, WILD!)

But Cleveland is high on that list, coming in at 27th place! Part of the reason we rank so high is due to the lack of land! Lake Erie practically takes the north and the suburbs take most of the space as well. Cleveland may be 51st in population with 385,525, but those individuals live tightly together.

San Francisco is No. 2 (18,868 people live in a square mile), coming in third is Jersey City (18,306 people per square mile) and Boston ranks fourth(14,190 people per square mile).

We are number one in Ohio!

Cleveland: 27th - 4,962 people per square mile, 385,525 population over 78 square miles.

Columbus, 37th - 4,048 people per square mile, 879,170 population over 217 square miles

Cincinnati, 42nd - 3,866 people per square mile, 301,301 population over 78 square miles.

Toledo, 47th - 3,427 people per square mile, 276,491 population over 81 square miles.

Cleveland remains No. 51 in terms of biggest cities with population. Columbus ranks high at No. 14, while Cincinnati and Toledo trail down at No. 65 and No. 73 respectively.

To be ranked for population density, cities had to have at least 250,000 citizens. Akron, who has a population of 197,846, was not counted. Although with 62 square miles, 3,191 people live per square mile in Akron.