Channing Frye Thanks Cleveland and Cavs Community During His Last Game

Thanks Channing!

April 10, 2019

USA TODAY / David Richard


At the last game of the season, Channing Frye thanked the stadium. He has spent the last three years in Cleveland was part of the 2016 Championship team. He was honoreed by the team on Sunday.

“I’ve won a championship here. I’ve had a kid here,” Frye explained in a statement. “Then just having great teammates, then on the other end both my parents died while I was here. So just having those highs and lows. Going to the Finals, losing in the Finals, getting traded, coming back, injuries this year. I think with all these highs and lows, I’ve seen the best of Cleveland and I’ve seen the best of the fans. I think that’s why I’m endearing to them. A lot of people say, ‘I love our fans.’ I legitimately love our fans.”

Here's his thank you on the Q floor last night: