All The New iPhone iOS Features: Group Facetime and More!

iPhone Users Get Ready!

June 5, 2018

Calling all iPhone users! We got the details on what’s coming on the new iPhone update, iO12. The update is scheduled to drop later this fall and will include a lot of details.

*There’s a priority placed on making features move faster, especially on older models of iPhones. The battery life will be a priority in this software instillation as well.

*Screen Time will tell you how much time you’re spending on your phone and which apps are responsible for most of your time. It’ll be fun to see where you spend your time, but it feels a bit Big Brother to me!

*Grouped Notifications: Instead of having hundreds of notifications, notifications will be grouped according to application.

*Animoji with Tongue: Apparently Animojis will detect and replicate tongue motion. This is a feature designed for Tim!

*Memoji: You’ll be able to able to create emojis that look like you!

*Group Facetime: Jen’s favorite upcoming feature, you’ll be able to facetime with up to 32 people! Pretty crazy if you think about it! When multiple people share a call, their video windows will get larger while they speak, and become shorter when they’re silent. Animojis and Memojis can be used on Group Facetime.

*Measure App: This app will be able to measure objects around you. Pretty nifty for those rare moments where you want to measure something

*Photo Search: The application for Photos will now provide search ideas, while another feature will suggest filters, effects and design ideas for your photos. It’s a perfect for those who want to work on their photography.

A couple other features will be included. You can watch an abridged keynote where they showed off the iOS 12 below