5 Star Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

Cool down everybody!

June 18, 2018

Make sure you keep cool this Star Summer! Here's a couple quick tips for these hot days:

1) Utilize Shade: No, not twitter shade or in-person shady  comments! Utilize the natural shade of the outdoors and properly shade your curtains. Using curtains and blinds will help keep your rooms from overheating!

2) Wear Cotton: Light colors and whites are your way to go! Dark colors will soak up the rays of the sun, while fabrics like flannel will absorb heat as well.

3) Drink Water: Drink some water in the car, drink some water at the bar! Drink some water at work, Drink some water while you slurk! Yes, staying hydrated is key.

4) Rinse: Take rinses! You can do them on your wrists and feet, or even just jump in the shower to cool off your skin.

5) Fans, Fans, Fans: You can create crossbreezes by positioning fans correctly. If you use the wind from the outside and a fan across the window, you should get an excellent flow of wind. You can also expect a cooler fan stream if you place ice in front of the fan.