1000th Game of Trump Toohey: Name That 1985 Movie With Kelly McGillis and Harrison Ford

WOW we went through a thousand questions? 7/30/2019

July 30, 2019
Trump Toohey

1.     You can decide on a Cavs bobblehead - they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and they’re looking for votes on which former player will represent the "Coliseum Era" on a bobblehead.  All we need you to do is name any Cavs player.  




Lots of options

2.     Rumors are baking that Ed Sheeran might be singing the theme to next year’s James Bond movie. Who sang the theme song for the latest James Bond movie 2015’s “Spectre”?






Sam Smith

3.     The first ever Fortnite games competition happened this past weekend, and a 16 year old won it all and took home the $3 million dollar grand prize.  In the battle royale game mode, players enter the map in what way?  Airdropped?  On a yacht?  Or through a main gate?  






4.     Actress Kelly McGillis who starred in Top Gun said she was ‘not asked’ to star in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Kelly McGillis was nominated for a Golden Globe due to her lead role in which 1985 film with Harrison Ford?






5.     Katy Perry has lost her copyright trial over her song “Dark Horse.”  Katy and Dr. Luke were sued by Christian rapper Flame who claimed their song was a rip-off of his tune “Joyful Noise,” and now a court has agreed.  For the 5000th question of all time:  ahem, What year, was “Dark Horse” released?  2013?  2014?  2015?  






December of 2013