There's A Bunch Of New Food Emojis Coming

February 7, 2019

I don't know why getting new emojis is so exciting, but it is and I know you are excited too..How many times have you been looking for just the right one and not finding it?  I mean, do we really need to spend MORE time on our phones?

My son likes waffles and sloths more than anything, yet if I were to text him, I couldn't find either..UNTIL NOW.  Then again, he's only 7 and he doesn't have an I phone (thank goodness)

When they make their debut later this year, there will be 230 new emojis and eight of them are food-related. While we’re still going to have to wait for that white wine emoji, there are some fun ones coming:

Stick of butter
Waffle with butter
Ice cube
Juice box
Oyster - with a tiny pearl!

The emojis are set to debut on Android and Apple devices starting in September.