Millennials Rejoice! Target is Now Selling Avocado Toast For Just $3

October 24, 2018

Have you ever had avocado toast?  The concept is simple: Spread a guac-like food on toast, top with a soft boiled egg, some smoked salmon, or something snazzy, and enjoy.  The problem is the price.  There are places I've been that charge up to 12 dollars for this creation.

Oh sure, it's a healthy breakfast alternative and it's just so pretty to look at, but the prices are getting out of hand. Leave it to Sabra and Target to have our backs once again.  You know Sabra, the creators of your favorite pretzel and hummus combination packs have expanded into the guacamole department, and recently released Breakfast Avocado Toast packs.

For less than $3, brunch-lovers and avocado craving millenials alike can enjoy the refreshing taste of avocado toast for a fraction of the price. And because I know what your next question is, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive! Yes, the toast is crunchy and not soggy.  Yes, the avocados have just enough chunks and spice to make you smile

Oh, and only 190 calories.  I'll see you at Target