Saying This One Word May Ease Your Anxiety

October 11, 2018

When you’re prone to anxiety, sometimes you feel helpless. Your heart starts pounding, your thoughts are all over the place, you can't sleep and you get that sinking feeling that something bad is about to happen. But according to some psychologists, there’s an easy strategy that could help you deal with your anxiety and even lower the chance of it happening again.

Using one word can help you manage your anxious thoughts...That word is nevertheless. This word helps us not feel discouraged and turns what could be horrific days into positive ones. So how does this one word help us with anxiety? It encourages us to stop and acknowledge our options, which could inspire positive thoughts.

So when you start feeling anxious before your big presentation at work, tell yourself: “I think I’m going to fail at this presentation. Nevertheless, I’m going to get up there and give it my best, just like I rehearsed.” It might not work everytime, but it could help the next time anxiety starts to take over.