Red Wine Versus White Wine-What Your Wine Preference Reveals About Your Personality

May 29, 2019

Photo by Plateresca iStock / Getty Images Plus

I love a good wine survey...Specifically the ones that say 2-3 glasses per day will make you live to 100.  Since I couldn't find one of those today, I found a survey that talks about your personality type if you prefer red or white wine.

If you’re sarcastic, chances are white is your preference when choosing a wine. That’s just one of the findings of a Coravin survey that looked into the differences in personality traits between white and red wine lovers. 

It seems white wine drinkers not only identify as sarcastic, but also curious and perfectionists. Meanwhile, red wine gulpers say they are adventurous, humble and organized.

The differences don’t stop there either. White wine lovers are night owls and extroverts, and they are more likely to listen to punk music while on the red side they are early birds, listen to jazz, and consider themselves to be “wine aficionados.”

As far as pets go, red wine lovers lean towards dogs while white wine drinkers are cat people.

If you’re interested in dating a red wine lover, be aware they’re more likely to consider it a turn-off if a date isn’t knowledgeable about wine and willing to spend slightly more on wine.

And those of us that drink box wine from Aldi?  We're thrifty and host radio shows on Star 102 from 3-7 weekdays ;)