Play This One Game If Your Kids Are Bored and It's Raining Outside

November 1, 2018

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

Ever have kids that are bored?  I'm not even sure why I asked the question.  It's even worse if the weather is bad and you can't usher them outside.  We played this game that kept my 3 entertained for a solid hour.  Here is what you need and you already have it in your house.


* 2 rolls of toilet paper per child 

* Markers and paper for scoring

It's called Toilet Paper Mummy.  1 child is the roller and one is the mummy.  Depending on how many kids are in the house and bored, you can divide into teams.  Play can happen a few different ways.  Either the first person to completely use up a roll of TP wins, or the first person to completely cover the other person wins. 

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

My kids are 10, 7 and 4, but this game can work for children of any age.  Or, if you have a group of adults coming over and you don't know how to carry on a conversation much past the veal piccata, offer to pour some chardonnay and start rolling them.  Have fun!