Parents Are Hiring Fortnite Coaches For Their Kids

August 2, 2018

Do your kids love Fortnite?  Are they good at it?  If not, there is help on the way.

Parents have been hiring “coaches” to help their children get better at the wildly popular online video game, which if your kids are anything like mine, it's the center of their social lives, right up there with which is now transferring over to TikTok.  Are you following along?

According to reports, parents have been more eager than ever to shell out cash to give their kid an edge in Fortnite, not to mention boost their confidence. Video game tutors are hired through social media or online, some charging $10 or $20 an hour for the coaching sessions. One of the sites, Bidvine, says they’ve seen almost 2,000 “Fortnite” coaches hired within a few months.

Parents are worried about their kid's reputation at school, and want them to be popular.  What do you think, would you hire a coach for your kid to boost his or her confidence?