You Gotta Try These New Items Coming To Trader Joe's In July

July 5, 2018

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime Images

Trader Joe's is awesome.  At least once a week, I make the trek out to Crocker Park (a 10 minute drive..LOL) and I wander the aisles like a kid in a candy store.  Even if I don't like a particular type of food, i try it becuase they make it look good.  I tried Soy Chorizo the other day.  OMG, better than the meat kind.  Here are some new items you will see on their shelves this month!

BBQ Cut Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets $10/pound.

Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins - Taste like thin mints. $2/box.

Peaches & Cream Tarte - A buttery and flaky crust, with a layer of sweet cream cheese over sugared peaches. $5.

Mini Vegetable Samosas - These two-bite pastries are made of flaky dough filled with a curry-like mix of peas, carrots, potatoes, lentils, onions, and Indian spices. $3.50/box of 12.

Bite Size Crispy Cookies filled with Belgian Chocolate - These bite-sized sandwich cookies are filled with Belgian chocolate and they’re delicious by themselves, dunked in cold milk, or crushed over a bowl of ice cream. $2.50/box.

Organic Mediterranean Style Salad Kit - It’s got romaine lettuce, shredded broccoli stalks, crisp radicchio, seasoned flatbread strips, roasted chickpeas, tender dried tomatoes, and crumbled feta cheese, with a red wine olive oil dressing, and it’s all totally organic. $4/bag.

Peach Bellini Jam - Similar to the Italian cocktail its named after, this stuff is made with sweet peaches and bubbly Prosecco.  $4.

Berry-flavored Soft Licorice Twists - $2.

Mixed Mushroom and Spinach Quiche - A flaky crust made with real butter, a center made of eggs, crème fraîche, and Emmental Swiss, with chopped spinach, and a blend of White button & Oyster mushrooms. $2.50.

Dark Chocolate Toasted Sesame Caramels - The perfect blend of sweet and savory. $3.