My Smart Speaker Can Do What? A Weekly Blog 8-1-19

August 1, 2019

Photo by rclassen layouts iStock / Getty Images Plus

We all know Alexa can play Star 102 if you ask her to, tell you the weather and the time, but what else can your smart speaker do?  Each week, I will showcase a new feature that you may not have known your smart speaker can do.  

So, you lined up a sitter for the kids, got a restaurant picked out, and now you wanna figure out how to go out and do it safely.  You get Uber or Lyft.  Calling it up on an app, though, is so 2017.  Let Alexa do it.  Here's how you do it:

1. Enable the Uber Alexa skill

Tap "click here" and then tap the Enable button.

When prompted, tap the Save Permissions button allowing the Uber Alexa skill to access your Alexa device’s address.

2. Link your Uber account

After you tap “Save Permissions” in Step 1, you’ll land on an account linking page where you can link the Uber Alexa skill to your Uber account.

3. Call an Uber!

“Alexa, ask Uber to request a ride.”

The first time you use the Uber Alexa skill, you’ll get to pick your default pick-up address. Alexa will ask whether it should be the address you have set as Home in the Uber app on your smartphone or the address associated with your Alexa device. (For most people, it’s probably the same but Alexa can’t yet figure that out on her own.)

You’ll get an Uber X by default if you don’t specify the car type.

If you want a different car type, just say “Alexa, ask Uber to order an Uber Black.”

You can also change your default pickup location by saying “Alexa, ask Uber to change my default pick-up location.”