My Smart Speaker Can Do What? Episode 5: A Burglar Deterrent

August 28, 2019

Photo by r classen layouts iStock / Getty Images Plus


Smart speakers are fun.  They can play Star 102 on the app, they tell you if it's raining out so you don't have to tire yourself by walking to a window, and they keep coming out with cool new features.

Have you ever wanted to make it seem like people are home in your house even when you're all off at Costco loading up on free sample Saturday? Then you need the brand new free app "Burglar Deterrent"

The skill will let Alexa play sounds out of relevant devices that mimic the presence of people going about everyday chores and activities, just in case any shady characters or lingering Amazon delivery people are listening at your keyhole.

To enable, all you have to do is say "Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent" or visit the Alexa Skills Store

And feel free to bring some flank steak with chimichurri sauce to me at the station.  If you haven't tried their version yet, it's awesome!