Most People Agree-Vacations Are Important For Mental Health

June 3, 2019

Photo by Max Topchij iStock / Getty Images Plus


The school year is almost over for many teachers, which means a lot of you will be headed off on vacation over the summer!   In fact, according to a new survey, a getaway is just what some people need to relieve the stress of their jobs, something teachers may know a little about.

A new International Travelzoo survey finds a third of respondents saying they are more stressed this year than they were last year, with 83% of respondents saying taking a break relieves that stress, and helps them return to their best selves.

And while 92% of folks say mental well being is as important as physical well being, not all countries are taking the vacation they need to protect their mental well being. The study finds that Germans are the most likely to take wellness breaks (64%), while folks in the U.S. are the least likely, with only 10% saying they do so.

Taking a vacation doesn't have to equate to spending tons of money and waiting in long hot lines at Disney, either.  Sometimes, a break in the routine is all that's needed to get you back to feeling less stressed.  

Oh, and start relaxing..The school year starts in less than 90 days!