Most Parents Haven’t Been On A Romantic Date In Years

February 12, 2020

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As a parent, I rarely have time to..What's the word?  Oh yea, do anything..LOL.  There are times it is more noticable than others, like when it's winter and no one has been out of the house.  Going out without our three is super difficult due to all of their sports, and if we do have a sitter lined up, it's usually only for a quick dinner around the corner to..Talk about the kids and how busy we are :)  Also, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it would be nice to go out more, and it turns out we're not alone.

A new survey finds:

The average parent hasn’t been on a romantic date in more than three years.

30% of parents with kids ages five to 18 don’t even remember the last date they went on.

81% of parents say they need to have more date nights.

In fact, 70% of parents say the romance decreased once kids came into the picture. 

What’s more, 53% miss the freedom they had before children.

Among the things they miss most about their pre-kid life:
Spending quality time with their partner (45%)
Going out on dates with their partner (44%)
Having less responsibility (40%)
Having more sex (39%)
Sleeping in (36%)
On a positive note, regardless of the decline in their romance, 77% of parents say they are happier and more fulfilled thanks to their kids.

So, there ya go.  The bottom line?  You need to fight for what is important to you.  Don't accept that you're always tired and that's just how it's gonna be until they move out.  Scheduling anything isn't romantic, but so very necessary.  Create that balance!!