You're Saying It Wrong: The Most Commonly Misspoken Phrases Revealed

August 13, 2018

Ever have a phrase you've been saying forever and then learn you're saying it all wrong? I say "I could care less", and the grammer police always correct me. Here is a list of the most commonly misspoken phrases...

Nip it in the butt vs. Nip it in the bud – Somewhere along the lines people started using “butt,” but the correct phrase is “nip it in the bud.”

Hunger pains vs. Hunger pangs – While hunger pains does seem to make sense, the correct phrase is hunger pangs. 

You've got another thing coming vs. You've got another think coming - The correct phrase is actually “you’ve got another think coming,” meaning the person is wrong, and they need to think again. 

Scapegoat vs. Escape goat – If you’re blaming someone else they are a scapegoat, not an escape goat.  

Butt naked vs. Buck naked – Again, while they both technically mean the same thing, the actual correct phrase is “buck naked.”

One in the same vs. One and the same – They imply the exact same thing but “one in the same” is grammatically incorrect.

Beck and call becomes beck on call (Beck and call is correct)