Making Boredom Jars With Your Kids

May 7, 2019

Photo by Ridofranz iStock / Getty Images Plus

"I'm bored" are the worst two words in the English language if you're a parent.  Especially, with all the creature comforts kids have today.  One thing I have realized, is that kids get bored if they're not being creative or doing something engaging. VIDEO GAMES DON'T COUNT!!!  Create boredom jars with your kids.  Here's how it works:

Find a mason jar and have your kids decorate them however they'd like, construction paper, whatever.

Then, sit down with your child and come up with fun ideas together..Write them down on little pieces of paper.  Create one for outdoors and one for indoors.  Here are a few ideas that I have used to get started: 

Scavenger Hunt around the neighborhood.  

Role play (Gather their old Halloween costumes and have them create a production for Mom and Dad)

Build a fort (inside or out)

Make music.  Form a band with your siblings and perform a song

Find a park to explore and create a checklist with birds and leaves to identify

Create a recipe book and then make simple things to help out with dinners

Paint rocks and hide them for people to find

Create a comic book character and make a comic book.  What is their superpower?

Coming up with ideas is hard if you're bored.  Create your things-to-do list early in the morning when kids are at their best.  Good luck!