It's National Pizza Week. Here are The Deals!

January 17, 2019

I'm not sure if it's gonna be the storm of the century, but I do know a few things.  It's National Pizza Week and I'm not showering or taking off my pj's all weekend (sorry for the visual).  From now until Saturday, pizza places are celebrating with deals and discounts on everyone’s favorite comfort food. Here’s where you can save on pizzas for National Pizza Week.

Domino's - The chain has several deals going on: The Mix & Match lets you match any two items for $5.99 each and a deal on large three-topping pies and medium three-topping handmade pan pizzas for $7.99 when you pick up in store.

Hungry Howie’s - Known for their flavored crust, this chain is selling medium pizzas for only $1 when you buy a large one-topping pie online.

Papa John's - Get two medium, one-topping pies for just $6 each.

Pizza Hut - They’re running a $5 “lineup” special to honor football season and National Pizza Week. Medium one-topping pizzas, Bone-out Wings, Cinnabon Mini Rolls and more are only $5 each when you try two or more.

Enjoy and save some for me!