I Got Tested For Corona and Saved Lives FOR FREE..Here's How

July 9, 2020

Hey guys!

So, I had a neighbor friend suggest I give blood.  I have always been hesitant (fear of the unknown),  but the benefits far outweigh anything else, and so I did it.

I went through Vitalant.org, but any blood donation center is in need.  Obviously, saving lives is the best part of donating, but you also get tested for the Covid-19 antibodies to see if you had it already (which is not a guarantee you can't get infected again).

I went to the donation center in Middleburg Hts.  It's clean, there are temperature checks, and masks are worn at all times by everyone.  After a quick online questionnaire, they put you in a relaxing recliner, turn on Oxygen Network,  and in 7-10 minutes, you are done!

Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)

The need is great, won't you consider making a small sacrifice?

The 10 dollar FREE Giant Eagle gift card didn't hurt either..LOL

And yes, I'll share the results when they come back in 2 weeks

To learn more, visit WWW.Vitalant.org  

Stay safe xoxo Glenn