How To Manage Depression While Traveling

March 11, 2019

If you tend to suffer from bouts of depression, traveling can be hard. Sometimes leaving the comfort of your home can be just what your depression needs to kick it into high gear. And the last thing you want to do on vacation is battle with your mental health – especially when you’re just trying to enjoy yourself. Here’s how to keep it at bay while traveling that I read from the website Bustle:

Make plans – Structure your days so you’re not giving yourself the chance to stay inside being sad the whole time.

Manage your expectations – Don’t hype this trip up to be the best time of your life. Anything less than that will have your depression swirling.

Be kind to yourself – Give yourself credit for the times you leave your room and try something new. Let yourself sleep in if you need to.

Get support – Have someone with you that can help, or at least know who you can call when things get rough.

Watch the alcohol – It’ll probably be tempting to hit the bars while traveling, but if you don’t typically react well to alcohol, monitor yourself.

Know your symptoms – Keep track of what suffers when your brain isn’t at its sharpest, and make plans that are kind to those parts of your body.

Take care of your body – Get some good daylight hours. Wake up early to exercise a few times. Eat healthy foods.

Depression doesn’t take a break just because you’re traveling. And going on vacation won’t magically take your symptoms away. Keep up with your self-care routine, and bring things with you that you know will be a comfort just in case you have a particularly hard day.

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