Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Your Purpose Versus Your Calling

October 1, 2019

Photo by Richard Heathcote Getty Images Europe

I don’t know if you caught Megan Rapinoe’s speech at the Emmy’s a few weeks back, but it really stood out to me:

“We have such incredible opportunity, being professional football players ..we have so much success … we have incredible platforms..I ask everybody here to lend your platform, to lift people up, to use this beautiful game to change the world for better.”

The other day, my church was speaking about our calling versus our purpose. Our purpose can be looked at as our job, but our calling is how we use that job for the betterment of others.

For example, I am on the radio. That is my purpose. I play music, I tell you if it's gonna snow or if it's gonna be 90 (quite often on the same day), I play Jered's traffic reports, and let you know what’s going on around town. I love my job, but the reason I love it is because I have found my calling, which is to inspire and help others through my writing..That is what drives me and makes me love my job more than I ever have in the 22 years I've been doing this. To be able to give instead of receive.

When we think it’s up to our job to provide the external factors towards personal happiness, we get let down. When we don’t get that raise, when we don’t like the co-worker in the next cubicle because their favorite combo is cod and microwaves, when we feel we’re not appreciated, we are preventing ourselves from experiencing the joys of serving others.

What is your calling? For Megan, she wants to change the world, to eradicate racism, homophobia, and the pay gap in soccer. Soccer is her purpose, tolerance and women's rights are her calling..How do you wanna change the world?

And no, you don’t need a radio microphone, or get six pack abs and be an athlete, or become some Hollywood celebrity for people to hear you. You need a calling.

What are you passionate about? What do you feel you would dedicate your life to if you weren’t worried about getting a paycheck and could just go for it? How can you use the work you do right now to serve others instead of yourself?

We all have the ability to figure out our purpose, but true happiness will only begin when you stop making excuses and pursue your calling.

All my best as you figure out yourself and your relationships xoxo Glenn