Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You Only Get What You Give

June 11, 2019

Photo by IvelinRadkov iStock / Getty Images Plus

It's amazing how we can hear the same catchphrases over and over, yet it sits with you differently depending on your state of mind.

Case in point, "You Only Get What You Give" is one of those phrases.  Yeah, it was a New Radicals hit in 1998, but the words have begun to have deeper meaning to me after hearing them at Church recently.

As a husband, I would yell, and talk negatively (especially when I was tired), and you know what I got in return?  Yelling, negativity, and defensiveness..Basically the same thing I was dishing out.  

As a dad, I would yell at my kids and talk about what they're doing wrong. I'll admit, I don't always have control of my emotions and my loved ones bare the brunt of things. What did I get in return? I got yelling right back..and still more defensiveness.  I was baffled why they didn't appreciate me more for all I do for them. 

The pattern repeated itself for every interaction I had in life.  Friends, co-workers, complete strangers.  Until I took a look at myself and my approach.

Do you go through life thinking that the burden of making a situation better should land on somebody else's shoulders? Even though your delivery is poor, your intentions are good and people should just know that, right? WRONG  

Your kids should just know that you're looking out for them.  Your spouse should just know you're tired and excuse your attitude and tone.  Your boss should just give you a raise because you work hard.  The relationships you have are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  What you give is what you get. Stop putting the burden on everyone else and be the person you want others to be.  I guarantee you'll see the tide turn in even the most difficult of relationships.

All my best to you xo Glenn